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Deborah Kerr watches a scene from From Here to Eternity on Parkinson, 1972.

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my mom just came into my room and noticed my desktop background and said

“oh that’s so cute i think i recognize it from somewhere did you draw that when you were younger?”



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"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult"

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Do you ever listen to middle aged people talk…they are the fakest of the fake

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Doris Day & Rock Hudson


Doris Day & Rock Hudson

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Bud Fraker photographs Audrey Hepburn at the Paramount Portrait Studio, 1953. Photos taken by Bob Willoughby.

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ppl be talkin about the new 3d/live action spongebob movie but all i can think is


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Cheating is v bad but at the same time being the other woman is kinda exciting bc like when you hook up with another single guy you start to wonder why he doesn’t like you enough to date you and it’s too complicated. And like a guy in a relationship just wants to bang and move on idk I like it

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The Smiths

The Smiths

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